Watch the Woodlawn Sunday Dinner Virtual Event Here! 

It is a time when families put differences, cares, and worries aside and participate in the ritual of breaking bread together in gratitude. They find joy in the savoring. It is in this same spirit of togetherness that the Woodlawn Sunday Dinner was born. The event's purpose is to celebrate Woodlawn and create a way for residents and donors to break bread together - an encounter that might not happen otherwise. 

The annual fundraising event is usually held on the street across from the Foundation's office. Think street art, shade trees, sidewalks, and storefronts peppered with diverse guests, delicious food, and jovial music.  

Each year, approximately 400 guests enjoy tastings prepared by more than a dozen area chefs with ties to Woodlawn and the surrounding community. This year, we've changed our formatting to allow for a socially distanced yet intimate event. We invite you to join us for this year's unique Woodlawn Sunday Dinner experience as we guide you through a tour of the area, giving you a Taste of Woodlawn along the way.



Some would say that the 2019 Woodlawn Sunday Dinner was a foreshadowing for things to come. Preparations were made to enjoy a beautiful day where strangers become fast friends; however, the weather brought doubts that the Dinner would accomplish its intentions. But, in the spirit of resilience, which the Woodlawn Community has become known for, we chose to dance in the rain instead of packing up and shutting down.

2020 has been full of obstacles and uncertainties, but we have approached each new challenge much the same, with grit and determination. As our residents and business owners continue to navigate through these difficult times, we, along with our community partners, will continue to provide the resources and tools needed to overcome generational poverty and enjoy a better quality of life filled with new opportunities to learn and grow.

The stage is set for this year’s event scheduled for October 11, 2020. Tickets are $40 per person and are available for pre-purchase. Proceeds from the event benefit Woodlawn Foundation and its continued work as Community Quarterback and friend of Woodlawn's residents, businesses, and stakeholders.


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